Our Story

The Humanity Tribe Podcast was developed as a passion project to connect people with opportunities to give back and highlight the amazing contributions others are doing locally and globally.  The H-Tribe is a platform to bring others together for the common good and Love-Bomb our space in time.

Our Mission

The Humanity Tribe's mission is to inform, empower, and inspire others to get involved in humanitarian efforts by interviewing individuals and organizations who are making a difference.

The Founder

The founder Benoni Pantoja's "day-job" is in the world of education as the VP of Schools for a charter organization.  He has been a high school administrator and teacher for over 15 years in the public education system including charter schools.  He graduated with a bachelor degree in US History and Double Minor in Spanish Literature and Ethnic Studies from the University of California, San Diego.  He also received his Master's Degree in Secondary Education and BCLAD from Loyola Marymount University.

Currently, Benoni and his family reside in North County San Diego.  Previously they lived in West Los Angeles, although he is originally from Fresno, California.  Benoni grew up in a little neighborhood (Pinedale) rich with pride and tradition but also know for its gang activity. Although he overcame adversity and the challenges of a disenfranchised neighborhood (boy does he have some stories), he believes strongly in community and familia. 


I am grateful for my faith, family, friends, and life opportunities.  Let us Live, Learn, and Love.