Podcast Starter Guide for Only $9.99



A step by step process on creating your own podcast.  From concept, topics, title, to uploading content. This is a "How To Guide" with clear, specific, detailed information, and links to get you on the air.  You don't need to waste hours researching what to do,  just purchase this guide and you'll save yourself the hassle and time.  


Podcast Complete Set-Up, Mentorship, and Support for Only $499.99 (10 - 12 hours of support). 


We'll sit down and walk you through every step of the way from brainstorming ideas, domain name set-up, Squarespace website assistance, social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instragram), Lbysn Hosting, Garage Band Editing, Interview Layout, etc.

We'll get you pumping out content in 1 months time.


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